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Hi I'm Celina

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Since opening in 2011, I've experienced so much knowledge and growth as an owner, stylist, and an educator. I believe we need to laugh, love, and keep on learning! How you look and How you Feel must co-exist. Everyone has a little something  that needs to be brought out; confidence, strength, inspiration, or inner beauty, WE are here to bring the best you forward!  Lace and Leather Salon + Barbering has grown to be one of the hot spots in the Santa Ynez Valley guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our customers.


Hi  I'm Olivia

Hair is my passion

Starting in a corporate environment I realized I prefer to give my clients more one on one time so they can enjoy their experience to the fullest even if its a quick visit in the salon. I am able to provide confidence and skill to all my clients and love being a local stylist in my hometown. I have several years behind the chair and continue to grow. Education is key and I love learning new techniques in order to give my clients the best.

Hi  I'm Emilio

We Talk With Our Hands

My experience has taught me that we can't neglect what we use the most; Our Hands and Feet! I've been a Nail Artist and Tech since 2013 and I love marrying ideas and designs for my clients to create beautiful nails - It's combining health & care of your hands and feet with art. After all we use them Daily in everything we do! Give them care while making them look refreshed!

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